Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Would you pay for cross-browser testing?

Yesterday, Adobe announced it is offering a free preview of its BrowserLab service, which allows Web developers to quickly see what their site looks like on a number of browsers. Designers can compare a site in two browsers side by side as well as use an "onion skin" mode that shows a site in multiple browsers overlaid one on top of the other.

With Adobe Dreamweaver® CS4 BrowserLab adds powerful functionality such as the ability to test local content and different states of interactive pages.

I haven't had a chance to test Adobe's service out, but it sounds like it will save designers a lot of time and frustration. I could also see this service advancing the state of browser compatibility. Just think about it: all these users doing cross-browser compatibility testing should generate a lot of factual information about which browsers deliver compliant layouts.

But here's the catch: while Adobe said the preview version would be free, it plans to charge at some point.

We all know that Adobe software isn't cheap. Do you think Adobe should continue to offer BrowserLabs as a free service - at least for designers that own Adobe Dreamweaver® CS4? Take the poll on the right.

If anyone has tried BrowserLab out, please comment about your first impressions.

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  1. What does this have that doesn't?

  2. Dwayne, looks great. I'm seeing a steady stream of positive Tweets about BrowserLabs. Maybe someone can do a comparative analysis.


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